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Guidelines Committee

The Global Guidelines Committee is established to produce Guidelines written and published with a global focus and from a viewpoint of application around the world, unlike other medical guidelines which are targeted to specific regions or countries.

Each Guideline includes reference to other relevant guidelines which are identified, summarized and republished or cited by WGO for the benefit of the practitioner. The WGO Guidelines are unique in that they utilize “Cascades” which provide various diagnosis and evidence-based treatment options that are scalable to available local resources and infrastructure in countries with varying resources. Each Guideline review team includes non-Western experts with direct knowledge of conditions in various regions around the world to ensure the applicability of the procedures under a variety of circumstances.

Greger Lindberg

Committee Chair

Greger Lindberg

David Armstrong

Vice Chair

David Armstrong


Zaigham Abbas (Pakistan)
Bandar M. Al-Judaibi (Canada)
Majid Abdulrahman Almadi (Saudi Arabia)
Julio Bai (Argentina)
Hamama Tul Bushra (Pakistan)
Min-Hu Chen (China)
A. Elewaut (Graded Evidence) (Belgium)
Anton Emmanuel (UK)
Peter Ferenci (Austria)
Johan Fevery (Graded Evidence) (Belgium)
Alex Ford (UK)
Michael Fried (Switzerland)
Khean-Lee Goh (Malaysia)
Francisco Guarner (Spain)
Saeed Hamid (Pakistan
Ignacio Hanna (Ecuador)
Tahiri Joutei Hassani (Morocco)
Pali Hungin (UK)
Richard Hunt (UK)
Tarkan Karakan (Turkey)
Peter Katelaris (Australia)
Igor Khalif (Russia)
Aamir Ghafoor Khan (Pakistan)
Yoshikazu Kinoshita (Japan)
Ioannis Koutroubakis (Greece)
Justus Krabshuis (France, ex-officio)
Douglas LaBrecque (USA)
Leonid Lazebnik (Russia)
Grigorios Leontiadis (Canada)
Maribel Lizarzabal (USA)
Anton LeMair (The Netherlands, ex-officio)
Juan Malagelada (Spain)
Mahmoud Hisham Mosli (Saudi Arabia)
Chris Mulder (Netherlands)
Oudou Njoya (Cameroon)
Juan Francisco Rivera Ramos (Mexico)
Eddy Ríos (Chile)
Jose Alberto Rojman (Argentina)
Roque Saenz (Chile)
Shiv Kumar Sarin (India)
Michael Schultz (New Zealand)
Konstantinos Triantafyllou (Greece)
Muhammad Umar (Pakistan)
Andrew Veitch (UK)
Boris Vucelic (Croatia)
Benjamin Wong (Hong Kong)
Rodrigo Zapata (Chile)

Staff Liaison

Jim Melberg, WGO/WGOF Program Manager