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World Gastroenterology Organisation
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Publications Committee

The Publications Committee oversees all aspects associated with the focus, publication, distribution, promotion, and performance of the World Gastroenterology (WGO) publications, including the quarterly e-newsletter (e-WGN), monthly e-Alert, and the WGO website. It manages the contractual relationship with the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology (JCG) and those of all other publication and website-related contracts entered into by WGO. It provides advice and guidance to the WGO Governing Council on the future direction and needs of the WGO publications and website.

In addition, the Publications Committee Chairperson serves as an Associate Editor of the JCG.

Prateek Sharma

Committee Chair

Prateek Sharma

Varocha Mahachai

Committee Vice Chair

Varocha Mahachai


Akira Andoh (Japan)
Damon Bizos (South Africa, Chair, Train the Trainers Committee)
Pradeep Bhandari (UK)
J. Enrique Domínguez-Muñoz (Spain)
Cesare Hassan (Italy)
Abdurrahman Kadayifci (USA)
John Karagiannis (Greece)
Ajay Kumar (India)
Desmond Leddin (Canada, Chair, Training Centers Committee)
Greger Lindberg (Sweden, Chair, Guidelines Committee)
Mario Dinis-Ribeiro (Portugal)
Mário Reis Álvares-da-Silva (Brazil)
Michael Schultz (New Zealand)
Christina Surawicz (USA, e-WGN Co-Editor)
Jan Tack (Belgium)
José María Remes Troche (Mexico)
Nenad Vanis (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Justin Wu (Hong Kong)

Staff Liaison

Jim Melberg, WGO/WGOF Program Manager