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January 2015

I wish all WGO colleagues and members a very happy new year and hope that 2015 is successful, peaceful and wonderful in every way.

This is a very important year for WGO as it launches the first of the new paradigm for world congresses in partnership with the WGO member societies. The first is an “International Congress” in partnership with GESA and launches the two yearly cycle of congresses. Gastro2015 ( will be held in Brisbane, September 28th to October 2nd. I hope that you have already marked this date on your calendar and have booked your flights to come to Brisbane. You will not regret the decision as we promise you a gastroenterology congress and experience like no other!!!

The two yearly congresses also mark the change of the officers of WGO. Under the chairmanship of Henry Cohen the Nominations Committee has sent a request to the WGO member societies for nominations to the Executive Committee and Governing Council. Please consider the request and forward your nominations to reach the Secretariat by the end of January.

We also wish to populate our committees with members who wish to contribute to the work of WGO. For those who do not know how things work in WGO I invite you to nominate for one of the committees, get to know what we do, rise in the ranks and make a change via your involvement.

As in most representative organizations, the current WGO Statutes under which we work, aim to reward those who contribute to the work of WGO by elevation to positions of greater responsibility. For instance all who serve in current WGO leadership positions have served their time in WGO positions which allow for gaining a deep knowledge of the organization. We believe that this mechanism works well and continues to serve WGO in achieving its vision for world gastroenterology.

As for all modern medical organizations WGO also aims to change in response to the demands of its members and changing circumstances. The AGM during Gastro2015 in Brisbane again will provide an opportunity to bring about changes in our structures in order to strengthen the work and influence of the Governing Council in the various WGO activities.

The Executive and I welcome your advice and input on how we can improve WGO. Please feel free to contact any of us and tell us how we can together improve what it is that we do for world gastroenterology.


James Toouli
Emeritus Professor of Surgery
President, World Gastroenterology Organisation