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May 2015

WGO Emblem Stands for a High Standard of Quality

The World Gastroenterology Organization does many things. In doing these the WGO emblem is used to indicate that the organization is involved in that activity. Many of our colleagues and our member societies seek to use the WGO emblem in the promotion of their events. They do so with the view that having the WGO endorsement conveys a standard; usually one of quality and one to be aspired to.

In this communication I wish to list how in some of the activities of WGO this high standard is achieved and maintained.

Training Centres:

WGO has 23 designated Training Centres around the world. At these centres the aim is to achieve the highest possible standard of training in Gastroenterology, hepatology and endoscopy. The standard is defined by the directors of the centres who together define what determines excellence at a WGO training centre. It would be dishonest to claim that all of the WGO centres at this point in time have achieved the standard that we would all aspire to. However what we can be sure of is that all are aiming to continue improving their processes, their structures and their training so that the highest quality of teaching be achieved. The centres report their activities and the outcomes are discussed at meetings of the directors. Further quality control measures are in place and over the next few months these shall be reported and discussed. At Gastro2015 on September 28th the quality of activities at the WGO centres shall be reviewed.

One fact is undeniable, however, having the WGO emblem at the entrance of a Training Centre is an assurance that this is a place aiming for the highest of standards in training.

Train the Trainers:

This workshop, started in 2001, has grown in stature and popularity since its inception. It is extensively reviewed, by both faculty and attendees so that it is regenerated after each workshop. Experienced faculty with expertise in adult education are involved and its enduring success and popularity speaks to its quality and high standard.


The WGO guidelines are unique. They are evidenced based ensuring their accuracy and quality. They are renewed and hence current. They are translated into 6 different languages and hence can be read in a language comfortable for the reader. Most importantly they use the cascade format, unique to WGO guidelines which uses evidence to make recommendations for treatment dependent on the resources available. The WGO label on the guidelines is an assurance of their quality, independence and currency.

Endorsement of Meetings held by Member Societies:

The WGO member societies often seek endorsement for meetings that they sponsor. WGO provides the endorsement after review of the programme by the WGO Scientific Programme Committee. Endorsement is given when the committee can be satisfied that what is included is current, independent and aimed at providing a valuable educational experience for attendees. The review process takes close to a month to achieve as quality review takes time. The WGO emblem can only be used when the Scientific Programme Committee is satisfied that a quality programme is being offered.


Beginning on September 28th a week of the highest standard of gastroenterology conference shall take place in Brisbane, Australia. This conference marks the beginning of a two yearly cycle of World Gastroenterology Congresses. The congress shall be unique in that it is the only World Congress which encompasses all aspects of Gastroenterology. It is unique as it will incorporate programmes which can only be delivered when leaders in Gastroenterology representing all of the world are involved. A high quality standard is achieved by selecting faculty who have demonstrated in recent years by their publications and contributions to be the world leaders in gastroenterology. The WGO emblem shall be prominently displayed providing an assurance of high quality.

I look forward to welcoming you to Brisbane.


James Toouli
Emeritus Professor of Surgery
President, World Gastroenterology Organisation