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WGO Practice Guideline - Dysphagia

Title: Dysphagia- September 2014


Dysphagia refers either to the difficulty someone may have with the initial phases of a swallow (usually described as “oropharyngeal dysphagia”) or to the sensation that foods and or liquids are somehow being obstructed in their passage from the mouth to the stomach (usually described as “esophageal dysphagia”). Dysphagia is thus the perception that there is an impediment to the normal passage of swallowed material.

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Graded Evidence

Review team

  • Juan Malagelada (Spain) (Chair)
  • Franco Bazzoli (Italy)
  • Guy Boeckxstaens (Belgium)
  • Danny De Looze (Belgium)
  • Michael Fried (Switzerland)
  • Peter Kahrilas (USA)
  • Greger Lindberg (Sweden)
  • Peter Malfertheiner (Germany)
  • Graciela Salis (Argentina)
  • Prateek Sharma (USA)
  • Daniel Sifrim (UK)
  • Nimish Vakil (USA)
  • Anton LeMair (Netherlands)


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