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Asymptomatic Gallstone Disease

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Laparoscopic exploration of common bile duct with primary closure versus T-tube drainage: a randomized clinical trial.
Zhang WJ, Xu GF, Wu GZ, Li JM, Dong ZT, Mo XD, J Surg Res. 2009 Nov;157(1):e1-5

Early ductal decompression versus conservative management for gallstone pancreatitis with ampullary obstruction: a prospective randomized clinical trial.
Acosta JM, Katkhouda N, Debian KA, Groshen SG, Tsao-Wei DD, Berne TV, Ann Surg. 2006 Jan:33-40

Ursodeoxycholic acid improves muscle contractility and inflammation in symptomatic gallbladders with cholesterol gallstones.
Guarino MP, Cong P, Cicala M, Alloni R, Carotti S, Behar J, Gut. 2007 Jun:815-20

Ursodeoxycholic acid exerts no beneficial effect in patients with symptomatic gallstones awaiting cholecystectomy.
Venneman NG, MG Besselink MG, Keulemans YC, Vanberge-Henegouwen GP, Boermeester MA, Broeders IA, Go PM, van Erpecum KJ, Hepatology. 2006 Jun:1276-83

Complementary stimulation of hepatobiliary transport and detoxification systems by rifampicin and ursodeoxycholic acid in humans.
Marschall HU, Wagner M, Zollner G, Fickert P, Diczfalusy U, Gumhold J, Silbert D, Fuchsbichler A, Benthin L, Grundström R, Gustafsson U, Sahlin S, Einarsson C, Trauner M, Gastroenterology. 2005 Aug:476-85


Prospective randomized comparative study of single incision laparoscopiccholecystectomy versus conventional four-port laparoscopic cholecystectomy.
Lai EC, Yang GP, Tang CN, Yih PC, Chan OC, Li MK., Am J Surg. 2011 Sep;202(3):254-8.


Gallstones increase the prevalence of Barrett's esophagus.
Matsuzaki J, Suzuki H, Asakura K, Saito Y, Hirata K, Takebayashi T, Hibi T, J Gastroenterol. 2010 Feb;45(2):171-8


Somatosensory changes in the referred pain area before and after cholecystectomy in patients with uncomplicated gallstone disease.
Stawowy M, Drewes AM, Arendt-Nielsen L, Funch-Jensen P, Scand J Gastroenterol. 2006 Jul:833-7


Pain persists in many patients five years after removal of the gallbladder: observations from two randomized controlled trials of symptomatic, noncomplicated gallstone disease and acute cholecystitis.
Vetrhus M, Berhane T, Søreide O, Søndenaa K, J Gastrointest Surg. 2005 Jul-Aug:826-31