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Management of Acute Viral Hepatitis

Level: Meta-analyses, Systematic reviews, Practice guidelines: 22 Abstracts

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Early treatment improves outcomes in acute hepatitis C virus infection: a meta-analysis.
Corey KE, Mendez-Navarro J, Gorospe EC, Zheng H, Chung RT, J Viral Hepat. 2009 Aug 6;


Antiviral hepatitis and antiretroviral drug interactions.
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Treatment of viral hepatitis in HIV-coinfected patients-adverse events and their management.
S Mauss, J Hepatol. 2006:S114-8


Peginterferon alpha-2a is associated with higher sustained virological responsethan peginterferon alfa-2b in chronic hepatitis C: systematic review ofrandomized trials.
Awad T, Thorlund K, Hauser G, Stimac D, Mabrouk M, Gluud C., Hepatology. 2010 Apr;51(4):1176-84.


A sustained viral response is associated with reduced liver-related morbidity andmortality in patients with hepatitis C virus.
Singal AG, Volk ML, Jensen D, Di Bisceglie AM, Schoenfeld PS., Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2010 Mar;8(3):280-8, 288.e1. Epub 2009 Nov 27.


Antiviral therapy reduces risk of hepatocellular carcinoma in patients withhepatitis C virus-related cirrhosis.
Singal AK, Singh A, Jaganmohan S, Guturu P, Mummadi R, Kuo YF, Sood GK., Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2010 Feb;8(2):192-9. Epub 2009 Oct 30.


Contemporary clinical research of traditional Chinese medicines for chronichepatitis B in China: an analytical review.
Zhang L, Wang G, Hou W, Li P, Dulin A, Bonkovsky HL., Hepatology. 2010 Feb;51(2):690-8.


Acute hepatitis A infection in pregnancy is associated with high rates of gestational complications and preterm labor.
E Elinav, IZ Ben-Dov, Y Shapira, N Daudi, R Adler, D Shouval, Z Ackerman, Gastroenterology. 2006 Apr:1129-34


Early monotherapy with pegylated interferon alpha-2b for acute hepatitis C infection: the HEP-NET acute-HCV-II study.
J Wiegand, P Buggisch, W Boecher, S Zeuzem, CM Gelbmann, T Berg, W Kauffmann, B Kallinowski, M Cornberg, E Jaeckel, H Wedemeyer, MP Manns, German HEP-NET Acute HCV Study Group, Hepatology. 2006 Feb:250-6


Interferon-alpha therapy within the first year after acute hepatitis C infection in hemodialysis patients: efficacy and tolerance.
CM Rocha, RM Perez, JL Narciso, AP Ferreira, LB Lemos, JO Medina-Pestana, AE Silva, ML Ferraz, Eur J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2007 Feb:119-23


Omega-3 fatty acids alleviate chemically induced acute hepatitis by suppression of cytokines.
C Schm&oeig;cker, KH Weylandt, L Kahlke, J Wang, H Lobeck, G Tiegs, T Berg, JX Kang, Hepatology. 2007 Apr:864-9


Peginterferon alfa-2b therapy in acute hepatitis C: impact of onset of therapy on sustained virologic response.
SM Kamal, AE Fouly, RR Kamel, B Hockenjos, A Al Tawil, KE Khalifa, Q He, MJ Koziel, KM El Naggar, J Rasenack, NH Afdhal, Gastroenterology. 2006 Mar:632-8


Prediction of hepatic encephalopathy development in patients with severe acute hepatitis.
Y Takikawa, R Endo, K Suzuki, K Fujiwara, M Omata, Fulminant Hepatitis Study Group of Japan, Dig Dis Sci. 2006 Feb:359-64


Systematic review: the effect of preventive lamivudine on hepatitis B reactivation during chemotherapy.
Loomba R, Rowley A, Wesley R, Liang TJ, Hoofnagle JH, Pucino F, Csako G, Ann Intern Med. 2008 Apr 1;148(7):519-28


A meta-analysis of transient elastography for the detection of hepatic fibrosis.
Stebbing J, Farouk L, Panos G, Anderson M, Jiao LR, Mandalia S, Bower M, Gazzard B, Nelson M., J Clin Gastroenterol. 2010 Mar;44(3):214-9.


Hepatitis C infection and risk of diabetes: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
White DL, Ratziu V, El-Serag HB, J Hepatol. 2008 Nov;49(5):831-44


Acute hepatitis C in Israel: a predominantly iatrogenic disease?
Y Lurie, DA Landau, L Blendis, Y Baruch, E Veitsman, Z Ackermann, S Zelber-Sagie, Z Halpern, R Oren, J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2007 Feb:158-64


Changing prevalence, clinical features, and outcome of acute hepatitis in Spain (1982-2003).
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Guanine alkylation by ethylene oxide: calculation of chemical reactivity.
A Kranjc, J Mavri, J Phys Chem A Mol Spectrosc Kinet Environ Gen Theory. 2006 May 4:5740-4


Increased age, male gender, and cirrhosis, but not steatosis or a positive viral serology, negatively impact the life expectancy of patients who undergo liver biopsy.
MS Wachtel, Y Zhang, KE Kaye, M Chiriva-Internati, EE Frezza, Dig Dis Sci. 2007 Sep:2276-81


Multiple viral hepatitis in injection drug users and associated risk factors.
J Reimer, J Lorenzen, B Baetz, B Fischer, J Rehm, C Haasen, M Backmund, J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2007 Jan:80-5


Possible involvement of cytokine gene polymorphisms in fulminant hepatitis.
M Takakura, K Tokushige, N Matsushita, E Hashimoto, K Shiratori, J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2007 Aug:1271-7