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Needlestick Injury and Accidental Exposure to Blood

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Sharps injury reduction using a sharps container with enhanced engineering: a 28 hospital nonrandomized intervention and cohort study.
Grimmond T, Bylund S, Anglea C, Beeke L, Callahan A, Christiansen E, Flewelling K, McIntosh K, Richter K, Vitale M., Am J Infect Control. 2010 Dec;38(10):799-805.


[Needlestick injuries in health care workers: analysis of non preventable risk factors through standard precautions.]
Campins M, Torres M, Varela P, López Clemente V, Gascó A, de la Prada M, Espuga M, Tapias G, Peña P, Hermosilla E, Otero S, Bastida T, Sanz P, María Bayas J, Serra C, Med Clin (Barc). 2009 Feb 28;132(7):251-8