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Train the Trainers

Wherever you are in the world, your experience as a trainee will be, in large part, influenced by the quality of input from your trainer. Despite the key role of trainers in the development of future gastroenterologists, it is evident that few, if any, have received formal instruction or training as educators. In an era when the shortcomings of many of the traditional approaches to post-graduate medical education and training have been exposed, this ad hoc approach to the education of our successors is no longer tenable.

The Train the Trainers (TTT) program attempts to correct this deficit by bringing together trainers from across the globe in an intensive and interactive 4 day workshop, dedicated to the development of teaching and training skills. WGO has developed a forum for interaction between world leaders in education, for the sharing of experience and the discussion of common problems.

If the care of digestive diseases across the globe is to improve, standards in the training and education of those who care for those stricken by these ailments must also improve.

The first Train the Trainers workshop was held on the island of Crete, Greece in April 2001. Developed and organised by the WGO Education and Training Committee and under the guidance of Professor James Toouli, over time, this unique workshop has proven to be a highly successful method of disseminating teaching skills to those gastroenterologists who hold training positions in their own countries. Delegates are equipped with skills which they can then implement on their home ground. Not only has this workshop been enthusiastically received by all member societies around the world, it continues to provide an excellent forum for the exchange of ideas and the establishment of contacts between various countries, in an environment which is conducive to learning and interaction.

Along with extensive follow-up to study the outcomes and impact TTT has had on its alumni, future long-term goals consist of exporting aspects of the workshop to regions around the world. The aim is to have delegates who have attended a TTT workshop work closely with TTT organizers to deliver components of the program in their own country, with the active collaboration of their Member Society. Furthermore, WGO is in development to have more topic-focused TTT workshops made available to its member societies as well as implementing TTT programs in other languages, in addition to English and Spanish.


All aspects of the course are subject to intensive, rigorous and continuous assessment and are refined on an ongoing basis accordingly. In accepting to attend the workshop, participants fully commit to providing their responses to pre-workshop, onsite, and post-workshop evaluations. This information is then collated, analyzed, and prepared for publication in education and training journals.

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Guidelines for Hosting a TTT

If your Member Society is interested in partnering with WGO to host a Train the Trainers workshop, please contact the WGO Executive Secretariat below to obtain a copy of the official workshop guidelines.

WGO Executive Secretariat

  • TTT Cape Town, South Africa - August-September 2014 TTT Cape Town, South Africa - August-September 2014
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For any questions about Train the Trainers workshops, please contact the WGO Executive Secretariat office.

WGO Executive Secretariat

  • WGO would like to thank the American College of Gastroenterology (AGS) for their continued support of the TTT Program.
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