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Training Center Overview

At present there are 16 WGO Training Centers. For information on a specific Training Center, please click on the Training Center link below.

Training Center Training Center Director Launch Date
1. SAGES-ADD Training Center Karin Fenton, SAGES Secretariat 23 June 2000
2. Rabat Training Center Prof. Naima Amrani January 2003
3. Karachi Training Center Prof. Wasim Jafri May 2003
4. Cairo Training Center Prof. Ibrahim Mostafa 1 March 2004
5. Santiago Training Center Dr. Roque Saenz 23 July 2004
6. La Paz Training Center Dr. Guido Villa-Gomez 14 March 2005
7. Bangkok Training Center Dr. Sathaporn Manatsathit 20 March 2006
8. Rome Training Center Prof. Guido Costamagna 11 May 2006
9. La Plata Training Center Drs. Nestor Chopita and Francisco Tufare 21 March 2007
10. Mexico City Training Center Dr. Miguel Valdovinos 28 July 2008
11. Bogotá Training Center Dr. Luis Carlos Sabbagh 6 August 2008
12. Ribeirão Preto Training Center Dr. Roberto Oliveira Dantas 8 August 2008
13. Suva Training Center Drs. Joji Malani, Thein Htut, Finlay Macrae, and Chris Hair 26 October 2008
14. San José Training Center Dr. Herbert Burgos 5 March 2010
15. Porto Alegre Hepatology Training Center Dr. Mario Reis Álvares-da-Silva 30 November 2012
16. The WGO, AGA and TSG Training Center Prof. A. Kadir Dökmeci 10 December 2013
17. Lagos Training Center Dr. Olufunmilayo Lesi TBA

To download the Training Center Launch History, please click on the pdf

WGO Training Centers Launch Dates ( pdf file )

WGO Training Centers:

Meet the Trainees

Meet Dr Khadidjatou Sake Alassan

  • Dr Khadidjatou Sake Alassan from Benin at the WGO Rabat Training Center Dr Khadidjatou Sake Alassan hails from Benin and began specialty training in October 2007 at the WGO Rabat Training Center. Benin is a West African country about the size of Cuba with 8.8 million residents. However at present there are only four hepato-gastroenterologists in the entire country, two of which are in retirement. Upon her return home Dr Sake Alassan will be the first female hepato-gastroenterolgist in the country.
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