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WGO Training Centers

The promotion of the highest standards in training for, and the practice of, gastroenterology are central to the activities of the World Gastroenterology Organisation. Our focus has been on the developing world and, in particular, on areas where access to high-quality training in gastroenterology remains problematic. Recognizing the brain drain and its impact on digestive health care in Africa and other developing regions, WGO Training Centers are located specifically in areas of need.

By collaborating with local GI units, Member Societies and government bodies, WGO facilitates the establishment of expert faculty for training courses, provides ongoing mentoring of curriculum and outcome, contributes to the collection of funds to support training centers and provides specialist input into the development and standardization of core curricula.

WGO Training Centers - Locations

WGO Training Center Mission:

To establish and nurture core training centers for primary and advanced GI training in locations of need, thereby, improving the standard of training at a grass roots level while ensuring a focus on regionally-relevant diseases.

WGO Training Centers:

Meet the Trainees

Meet Dr Khadidjatou Sake Alassan

  • Dr Khadidjatou Sake Alassan from Benin at the WGO Rabat Training Center Dr Khadidjatou Sake Alassan hails from Benin and began specialty training in October 2007 at the WGO Rabat Training Center. Benin is a West African country about the size of Cuba with 8.8 million residents. However at present there are only four hepato-gastroenterologists in the entire country, two of which are in retirement. Upon her return home Dr Sake Alassan will be the first female hepato-gastroenterolgist in the country.
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