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Lactose Digestion Education Campaign

The Lactose Digestion Education Campaign aims to support you with your digestive health! Through co-developed educational resources, the education campaign will raise awareness and knowledge of digestive health, lactose intolerance, lactose maldigestion and the effects yogurt may have on lactose intolerants and lactose maldigesters.

Educational Resources - NEW!

Educational resources released to support the campaign include a Q&A on Lactose Intolerance, a White Book and an Infographic. To view the newly released education resources, including the White Book and/or Infographic, select the respective image below.

Q&A on Lactose Intolerance

White Book - NEW! Infographic - NEW!

Select here for the French translation.

Coming soon... Spanish translation!

Select here for the French translation. 

Coming soon... Spanish translation!  

Working Group Representatives

A Working Group with representatives from World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO) and 'Yogurt In Nutrition Initiative (YINI) for a balanced diet' provides oversight for the education campaign.

Prof. Naima Amrani
WGO Secretary General
Danone Institute - Morocco Member

Dr. Widjaja Lukito
YINI Board Member
Danone Institute - Indonesia Member

Prof. Lorenzo Morelli
Danone Institute - Italy Member

The education campaign is supported by an unrestricted medical education grant from YINI.

WGO and YINI are working together for supporting you with your lactose intolerance.