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Istanbul, one of the world’s tourism capitals with its historical, cultural and natural richness, has set the highest record of the last five years by hosting 5.5 million tourists in the first five months of this year.

There are a total of 581 accommodation facilities, such as hotels, hostels, and apart hotels, in the city with 8,723 rooms with more that 117,000 bed capacity in Istanbul. According to the report, Istanbul had 104 five-star hotels, 128 four-star hotels and 131 three-star hotels.

Experts on tourism in Istanbul highlight the positive impact of the new airport opened earlier this year. About 42% of all tourists who traveled to Turkey so far this year visited Istanbul, the third most visited tourist city in Europe and the tenth in the world by the number of tourists.

The possessor of many features in terms of history and culture. Istanbul is making great strides towards becoming and international tourism center. In recent years the city, by virtue of its accommodation and convention facilities, is also heading toward the top as a center of convention tourism.

Brilliant beauty of the Bosporus, Princess Islands and parks bring a little peace and quiet in the bustling metropolis of Istanbul.

September’s generally clear, sunny days provide the ideal weather to explore the city!

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