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Statistical Tools

The purpose of this portion of the WGO research module will be to assist researchers with sample size calculations for their research projects. In addition, links will be provided to internet sites where free statistical tools are available for researchers. Proposed content will include the following:

Researchers often have wonderful ideas for research studies but too often embark upon them with little understanding of the concepts behind the mathematics of statistical analysis. The type of statistical test to be used depends on type of data to be analyzed, how the data are distributed, type of sample, and the question to be answered.

Statistical analysis of trial data is often a very daunting task for the researcher, one that is better left to a qualified statistician. It is possible however for many researchers conducting smaller, less complex trials to perform some simple analyses utilizing available links and statistical tools; a number of which have been included below.

I. Statistical Tools:

  1. Sample size calculation and statistical tools (adapted from Baylor College of Medicine)
  2. WHO Practical Guide for Health Researchers chapters 8 (describing and analyzing research results) & 9 (interpreting research results)
    Incredible array of links to a range of online calculators on statistical analyses.