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World Gastroenterology Organisation
World Gastroenterology Organisation

WGO New Delhi Training Center

Director: Dr. Shiv Sarin


The New Delhi Training Center was inaugurated in New Delhi, India on April 26, 2015 as a WGO Training Center.


The New Delhi Training Center mission is:

  • To induct and train new generation of hepatologists.
  • Provide continuous teaching and hands on training covering diverse aspects in the field of hepatology.
  • Focus on the development of academic physicians in hepatology who will excel and become leaders in the field.


The following is conducted at the Institute for Liver & Biliary Sciences:

  • Hepatology including liver transplantations
  • Endocscopy [Variceal screening, banding, glue injection, Danis Sx alla stent placement, and colonoscopy, diagnostic and therapeutic ERCPs and EUS]
  • Radiology [CT/MRY/Contract USG] of liver
  • Interventional Hepatology and radiology [Percutaneous liver biopsy, TJLB, HVPGs, TIPS, TACE, RFA, BRTO]

The teaching facilities accommodate areas of teaching in the fields of:

  • Teaching sessions [journal presentations, case presentations, Seminars, management problems]
  • ICU management of emergencies in liver diseases [ALF, ACLF, HE, Bleeding]
  • Liver pathology
  • Liver radiology
  • Virological and molecular techniques in hepatology
  • Hands-on training in various procedures of Hepatology [Fibroscan, Percutaneous liver biopsy, TJLB, HVPGs, TIPS, TACE, RFA, BRTO, ERCP, EUS, EGD, Colonoscopies]
  • Pediatric liver diseases

Areas of Training:

The New Delhi Training Center offers:

  • Short Training Courses in Hepatology: Course duration varies from 4 to 12 weeks. The candidates can start any time during the whole year [at least 4 months of processing time is needed for formalities]
  • Advanced Hepatology Training: The duration of the training can be either 6 or 12 month.
  • On-line Hepatology Associate Course: These are 12 weeks modules [9 weeks online training and 3 weeks onsite training in at the Training Center] in various aspects of Hepatology, for physicians who have obtained a MD degree or equivalent in internal medicine/pediatrics or MBBS with 3 years expeirience in the field. This is a clinical program with emphasis on patient oriented clinical teaching and learning basic Hepatology.
  • Virological and molecular testing in hepatology
  • Basic sciency research in Hepatology
  • Pediatric liver diseases


For further information on courses, national and international trainees should contact:

Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma at  email: or
Dr. Nirupma Trehanpati at email:


Further Information:

For more comprehensive information on the New Delhi Training Center, including details of the course offerings, please refer to the downloadable pdf:
> New Delhi Training Center Information Packet (Downloadable PDF)

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WGO New Delhi Training Center at the Insitute of Liver & Biliary Sciences.
Institute of Liver & Biliary Sciences