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WGO Porto Training Center

Director: Guilherme Macedo


The Porto Gastroenterology and Hepatology Training Center was inaugurated in Porto, Portugal on 9 June 2015 as a WGO Training Center with the support of the World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO) and Portuguese Society of Gastroenterology.


  • To promote the highest standards in training in gastroenterology and hepatology, in their different disciplines (e.g. diagnostic and interventional endoscopy, inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatic disorders, and digestive oncology)
  • To develop a broad and versatile curriculum which should consist of an adaptable program of providing different levels of expertise. Anchored in a well designed national certified core curriculum, offering different cognitive modules and formal training opportunities, with several possibilities of time span events, they aim to create a learning environment mostly adapted to the trainees needs. The goal is to expose trainees to the most current and up to date knowledge in the broad field of gastroenterology and hepatology, always bearing in mind the strict appliance of ethical principles and focus on their local and regional health care needs
  • To foster interaction between regional, national and international experts in these areas, promoting individual and interinstitutional networking
  • To reach out to world wide Portuguese speaking countries (including Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, S Tome, Guinea, and East Timor) and be able to provide different levels of training (from basics to advanced procedures)

WGO Porto Training Center

The GIHep Porto Training Center.

WGO Porto Training Center

Faculty and attendees in a get together at the newly inaugurated GIHep Porto Training Center

WGO Porto Training Center

WGO President, Prof. Toouli, and Training Center Director, Guilherme Macedo, with the President of the Portuguese Society of Gastroenterology, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, and Clinical Director of Hospital S. João at the Opening Ceremony.


The Center is located within the building of Centro Hospitalar S. João, the largest University Hospital in Northern Portugal.

The Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology hosts this Training Center, and the beyond Outpatient Clinic Building and wards. It includes 9 different suites – dedicated to several endoscopic procedures, emergency, EUS, X-ray based, etc – and a library. This Department is also an intricate part of the Faculty of Medicine of University of Porto, the highest ranked in Portugal, where undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and training is part of their daily activities. The Department offers government board recognized full Fellowship program in Gastroenterology and Hepatology. The medical staff includes 15 national recognized GI specialists, beyond the Director, all actively participating and working close in several multidisciplinary teams, which include members from the Pathology Division, Radiology, Oncology and Surgical Department. Currently our Department is responsible for more than 16 thousand consultations and 18 thousand procedures, in an yearly basis, standing as an important National Center of Referral and Excellence, as recently acknowledged by the European Board of Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

Areas of Training

Beyond the In-patient GI and Liver Clinic, there are specialized outpatient consultation blocks of Hepatology, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Surveillance & Risk, Pancreas, Proctology and Nutrition. Furthermore we belong to the Multidisciplinary Groups Consultation such as the Hepatobiliarypancreatic Diseases, Esophageal and Gastric Diseases, IBD Medical-Surgical Meeting, and Colorectal Group.

Endoscopy and innovative uses in emerging endoscopic technologies are also of primary importance for the Department. Along with a complete arsenal of upper and lower endoscopy equipment, able to provide high definition and narrow band imaging in most of the procedures (if necessary), we regularly use four EUS devices, enteroscopy, three stations for capsule endoscopy, functional exploration unit for manometry ph-metry and impedance, HALO System, ESD facilities, Spyglass Cholangioscope and the Scope Guide. The logistical and equipment support from the Hospital and University, do warrant the ability to pursue an ongoing quest for differentiation and innovation. We deliver scheduled special GI Courses, in an yearly basis such as the IBD Masterclass, Meet the Expert Forum on Esophageal Diseases, and the Endoscopy Summits (Small Bowel, Biliarypancreatic).

The Hepatology practiced today in the Department allows a variety of challenges for the trainees in their fellowship. Beyond the sequential training in Viral Hepatitis consultation, Autoimmune liver disorders and Chronic Liver Diseases (metabolic, alcoholic), they gain hands on expertise in liver elastography, percutaneous and transjugular liver biopsies, portal hypertension management, and the multidisciplinary group weekly meeting, where oncology decisions and liver transplant strategies are established. As scheduled special Courses in Hepatology, we run yearly an Hepatology Masterclass, a two-days Clinical Hepatology Preceptorship and a Single Topic Conference Day (as a Stand Alone Meeting) covering the most relevant fields in Hepatology

Further Information:

For more comprehensive information on the Porto Training Center, including the trainee application process, course offerings, and other details, please refer to the downloadable pdf: Porto Training Center Information Packet

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