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WGO Rabat Training Center

Director: Professors Laila Amrani and Amine Benkabbou


The Rabat Training Center was opened in 2001. It is situated in the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Mohammed V-Souissi University. It is open to all French speaking gastroenterologists, in particular from Africa, willing to improve their theoretical and practical knowledge, in the fields of hepatology and gastroenterology. It has benefited from the assistance of experts from several countries, including Germany, England, Austria, Belgium, Cameroon, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Senegal, Sweden, and Turkey.

Training Center Testimonials
Alan Barkun, MD (Canada)
Asma Labidi, MD (Tunisia)
Danny De Looze, MD (Belgium)
Enam Sobkeng Goufack, MD (France)
Jean-Christophe Saurin, MD (France)
Saké Alassan Khadidjatou, MD (Benin)
Ngatcha Ghizlaine, MD (Cameroon)
Shikama Félicien, MD (Rwanda)

Since its opening in January 2003, the Center has organized regular training sessions ranging from ten days to internships of 4 years. Attendees have come from all over French speaking Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, and over 350 practitioners have already received training. The training program includes theorectical courses and practical applications of techniques, particularly in endoscopy and echography. All the sessions are conducted by experts, who are well known and renowned for their knowledge and their educational methods. As French speaking Africa is often isolated from international expertise and meetings due to the constraints of language, the Rabat Training Center organizes simultaneous interpretation of guest speakers into French, allowing trainees first hand contact with international experts.

The multimedia library is an excellent resource for trainees, allowing them access to the best electronic documents in their chosen discipline, and the teleconferencing facility gives the Institute access to the best minds in gastroenterology anywhere in the world. Short courses offered at the Center are also recorded on video and participants receive a copy on CD Rom at the end of the course.

The Center enjoys productive partnerships with various national and international bodies. In practical terms these partnerships represent access to experts and modern educational technical materials, as well as grants or funds helping the African practitioners to attend training at the Center- travel funding has emerged as a particular challenge faced by delegates.

The WGO Training Center in Rabat takes its national, African, and international responsibilities very seriously, and is with the assistance of the International community, seeking to develop its offerings to students, ensuring that they have continued access to the best in both instruction and technology.

Main Objectives / Goals:

  • To promote the highest quality in training
  • To promote the best practice guidelines for practice in endoscopy
  • To develop a training program with recent advances in gastroenterology
  • To provide modern learning tools to trainees
  • To promote exchanges and contacts with experts
  • To become a training center for trainers
  • To play a leadership role for the specialty in the region


The Center is located at the “Faculté de Médecine et de Pharmacie de Rabat” near the Ibn Sina University Hospital, the largest hospital in the Kingdom of Morocco.

The Center has its own sites composed of the following:

  • A conference room equipped with technology for video conferencing and a simultaneous translation booth
  • Four rooms designed for workshops and for assisted training with the use of mannequins with computerized simulators and on animal models
  • A multimedia library equipped with information technology, a video library collection
  • A library
  • A café/restaurant, also used for dinner meetings with experts in the field

The location of the site allows the Center to benefit from logistical and equipment support from the University and from the Ibn Sina Hospital (See

Areas of Training:

  • Diagnostic & Therapeutic Endoscopy
  • Endoscopic Ultra Sound (EUS) - Ultra Sonography
  • Motility & pH-Impedancemetry


Center Directors:  Professor Laila Amrani and Professor Amine Benkabbou (French speaking)

Center International de Formation
Post Graduee en Gastroenterologie de l’OMGE Rabat
Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy
BP. Rabat - Instituts
10 100 Rabat - Morocco

E-mail: and
Phone:  212 661 245 625 and  212 661 374 243


Further Information:

For more comprehensive information on the Rabat Training Center, including trainee application process, course offerings, and other details, please refer to the downloadable pdf:
> Rabat Training Center Information Packet (Downloadable PDF)

Newsletter / e-WGN

Training Center Newsletter, e-WGN

WGO Rabat Training Center

Participants from the 17th Annual Course of the Rabat Training Center.

WGO Rabat Training Center

Hands-on training at the Rabat Training Center.

WGO Rabat Training Center

Training with models at the Rabat Training Center.

WGO Rabat Training Center

Training Center former Director Naima Amrani with her trainees.

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