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World Gastroenterology Organisation
World Gastroenterology Organisation

WGO Abstract Assistance Service

Welcome to the Abstract Assistance Service of WGO's Clinical Research Tools

The goal of this service is to develop a helpdesk that will assist in improving the quality of abstracts submitted to meetings such as DDW or UEGW by gastrointestinal researchers in developing countries. By improving the quality of the abstract it is anticipated that the acceptance for presentation at the meeting will also be increased. Unfortunately we are not able to provide support for abstracts submitted to other meetings.

It is anticipated that this service will provide researchers with the following:

The service will not:

Click here to download good abstract examples submitted to Digestive Diseases Week in 2006 and 2007.

Thanks to the generous support of WGO volunteers, this service will be offered free of cost to gastrointestinal researchers in developing countries. For more information contact the WGO Secretariat at

Please note that only developing countries falling under Group A or B within the WHO's HINARI eligibility criteria may submit. If you do not see your country listed, your submission will not be accepted. Click here for a list of eligible countries.

To submit your abstract for review, please fill out the following information:

Please note that we will endeavor to return the submission within two weeks, but cannot guarantee that.


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