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Celiac Disease


Celiac disease (CD) is a chronic, multiple-organ autoimmune disease that affects the small intestine in genetically predisposed children and adults. It is precipitated by the ingestion of gluten-containing foods [3]. It may also be referred to as celiac sprue, gluten-sensitive enteropathy, or nontropical sprue.

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Review Team

  • Julio C. Bai (Chair, Argentina)
  • Carolina Ciacci (Co-chair, Italy)
  • Gino Roberto Corazza (Italy)
  • Michael Fried (Switzerland)
  • Carolina Olano (Uruguay)
  • Mohammad Rostami-Nejad (Iran)
  • Andrea González (Argentina)
  • Peter Green (USA)
  • Javier Gutierrez-Achury (UK/Netherlands)
  • Michael Schultz (New Zealand)
  • Elena Verdú (Canada)
  • Kassem Barada (Lebanon)
  • Peter Gibson (Australia)
  • Sibylle Koletzko (Germany)
  • Thierry Coton (France)
  • Chris Mulder (Netherlands)
  • Govind Makharia (India)
  • Anton LeMair (Netherlands)


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