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WGO Practice Guideline

Common GI Symptoms


This guideline on the 2012 World Digestive Health Day (WDHD) theme is the first to take four key gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms as its starting-point: heartburn, abdominal pain/discomfort, bloating, and constipation. It is also unique in featuring four levels of care in a cascade approach: self-care and “over-the-counter” aids; the pharmacist’s view; the perspective of the primary care doctor—where symptoms play a primary role in patient presentation; and the specialist. The aim is to provide another unique and globally useful guideline that helps in the management of common, troubling but not disabling GI complaints. A team of gastrointestinal and primary care experts, as well as the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), were involved in the creation of the guideline.

Translated Versions

English French  Mandarin
 Portuguese Russian Spanish


Review Team

  • Richard Hunt (Co-Chair, Canada/UK)
  • Eamonn Quigley (Co-Chair, USA)
  • Zaigham Abbas (Pakistan)
  • Luc Besançon (France)
  • Abraham Eliakim (Israel)
  • Anton Emmanuel (UK)
  • Khean-Lee Goh (Malaysia)
  • John Horn (USA)
  • Pali Hungin (UK)
  • John Johanson (USA)
  • Roger Jones (UK)
  • Peter Katelaris (Australia)
  • Edith Ndjeuda (France)
  • Andre Smout (Netherlands)
  • Roque Saenz (Chile)
  • Mohammad Umar (Pakistan)
  • Peter Whorwell (UK)
  • Anton LeMair (Netherlands)
  • Justus H. Krabshuis (France)

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