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World Gastroenterology Organisation
World Gastroenterology Organisation

World Digestive Health Day (WDHD)

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Every 29th May, the World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO) celebrates World Digestive Health Day (WDHD) and initiates a yearlong, worldwide, public health campaign through more than 116 WGO Member Societies which reach over 50,000 individuals worldwide, WGO Training Centers, Regional Affiliate Associations and other WGO global partners. Each year focuses upon a particular digestive disease and/or disorder in order to increase general public awareness of prevention, prevalence, diagnosis, management and treatment of the disease and/or disorder.

Topics have included optimal health and nutrition, viral hepatitis, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, enteric infections and their relationship to clean water, clean food and a clean environment, common GI symptoms in the community, liver cancer, and gut microbes.

This World Digestive Health Day, WGO, together with the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO), have partnered to bring awareness to the 2021 theme entitled Obesity: An Ongoing Pandemic. The campaign is led by Co-Chairs Profs. Lilian Kow (Australia); Reem Sharaiha (USA); James Toouli (Australia) and Guilherme Macedo (Portugal) and guided by a Steering Committee with global representation and expertise.

The goal for WDHD 2021 is to raise awareness of obesity and the impact on the development of comorbidities and subsequently the effect on life expectancy, which is as devastating as any infectious pandemic. The aim is to raise awareness of the disease and its management in countries that make up WGO and IFSO’s membership.

WGO invites you to participate and organize an event for WDHD 2021. Below are just a few of several ways you can participate:

WDHD 2021: Obesity: An Ongoing Pandemic

This year's theme World Digestive Health Day theme is Obesity: An Ongoing Pandemic. WGO and IFSO will be partnering to present a 4-hour virtual event on Saturday, 29 May. Stay tuned as more details will be provided in due course. To view the WDHD webpage, click here!

WDHD 2020: Gut Microbiome - A Global Perspective

WDHD 2020: Gut Microbiome - A Global Perspective

The theme for the World Digestive Health Day 2020 campaign was "Gut Microbiome: A Global Perspective." To view all of the highlights and happenings of WDHD 2020, select here!

WDHD 2020: Handbook on Gut Microbiome is Now Available!

As we continue our commitment to raising awareness and increasing education on gut health, we are pleased to announce the publication of the Gut Microbiome Handbook. As part of the #wdhd2020 campaign, WGO worked with experts from around the globe to produce 15 articles highlighting functions, techniques, and impact of diet on gut microbes, just to name a few.

This resource is an example of the ways the WGO is committed to increasing awareness and education for gut health throughout the world. The handbook is available to view and download on the WGO website.

The WGO extends its congratulations and appreciation to the Steering Committee members, volunteers, member societies and all the contributors for your time and commitment to continue the mission of WGO in promoting WDHD and raising awareness around the importance of the Gut Microbiome.


WDHD 2019: Handbook on the Early Diagnosis and Treatment of GI Cancer

WDHD 2019 Handbook
Download Handbook

We are pleased to introduce to you the creation of the WGO Handbook on the Early Diagnosis and Treatment of GI Cancer! Featuring twenty-five articles written by experts from around the world. This publication was created to promote the 2019 World Digestive Health Day, and covers articles on topics including Esophageal Cancer Screening, Colorectal Cancer Screen from a Global Perspectice, Colorectal Cancer in the Young, Endoscopic Polypectomy, Contemporary Management of Advanced Colorectal Cancer, and many more. Click the link below to view the entire PDF.

World Digestive Health Day Event Calendar

See the up-to-date list of meetings and events, happening across the globe, in support of World Digestive Health Day. 

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