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Message from the Co-Chairs

Viral Hepatitis, B and C: Lift the Global Burden

Dear Colleagues,

Viral Hepatitis causes an inflammation of the liver due to a viral infection. Most cases of Viral Hepatitis are contracted through one of five viruses including, hepatitis A virus (HAV), hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), hepatitis D virus (HDV) and hepatitis E virus (HEV). Of the five hepatitis viruses, all can cause acute hepatitis, however only HBV, HCV, and HDV frequently cause chronic hepatitis which can lead to liver cirrhosis and to liver cancer.1

Data from the World Health Organization reveals that an estimated 325 million people worldwide are living with chronic HBV and HCV infection. In 2015, 1.34 million deaths were caused by viral hepatitis, a number comparable to deaths caused by tuberculosis and HIV. Approximately 1.75 million people were newly infected with HCV in 2015; while an estimated 257 million people, mostly adults born before the introduction of the HBV vaccine, were living with chronic HBV in 2015.1 Continue reading here!

WDHD 2018 Tools and Resources

World Digestive Health Day (WDHD) 2018 is pleased to provide various tools and resources for use across the globe, in support of this year's campaign. We invite you to also share your resources with us, which can then be posted or linked to from our website! Email us at today!

UEG - Hepatitis B and C In Europe - Infographic

Gain insight into Hepatitis B and C, the most common forms of hepatitis in Europe. Select the image or link below to download the infographic and share it with colleagues and/or at your upcoming event!

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and print

WDHD 2018 - Viral Hepatitis, B and C - Aims of the Campaign

Learn about the Aims for the WDHD 2018 Campaign! Select the image or link below to download the flyer and share it at your upcoming event.

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Supporting WGO Global Guidelines and Cascades

The following WGO Global Guidelines and Cascades are featured as useful resources for the WDHD 2018 campaign. The Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Guidelines are globally applicable, cascade-based guidelines, offering different options for diagnosis and treatment depending on the resources available.

Select the image or link below to read and/or download the respective Guideline and Cascade today!

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis C

Available in English, French, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Available in English, French, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

To view the Library of WGO Global Guidelines and Cascades, which includes 23 practice guidelines written from a viewpoint of global applicability,  select here.

Ask a Librarian

Select here to learn how the Ask A Librarian Service can help you find information on Viral Hepatitis, B and C.

WDHD 2018 Events

We invite you to submit your WDHD event all year long by visiting Below are just a few of the wonderful upcoming events taking place!

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