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World Gastroenterology Organisation
World Gastroenterology Organisation
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  Guidelines and Cascades

WGO provides a library of practice guidelines written from a viewpoint of global applicability. WGO Guidelines are currently available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Mandarin, and Russian. WGO Guidelines go through a rigorous process of authoring, editing and peer review, and are as evidence based as possible.



The official newsletter of WGO, the electronic World Gastroenterology News (e-WGN), is available in an online format. It is distributed on a quarterly basis and is accessible free of charge as an easily printable PDF and an e-book for comfortable online reading.



WGO occasionally issues e-Alerts to supplement the information provided in e-WGN. These alerts are sent via e-mail.



  World Digestive Health Day Publications

Every May 29th WGO celebrates World Digestive Health Day (WDHD) and initiates a worldwide public health campaign through its more than 100 Member Societies which reach over 50,000 members. Each year focuses upon a particular digestive disorder in order to increase general public awareness of prevention and therapy.

Together with the WGO Foundation, WGO issues an annual publication in recognition of that year’s WDHD focus.


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  Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology

The Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology (JCG) is the official publication platform for WGO’s Global Guidelines in the English language. The cooperation also covers WGO society news in each issue as well as four WGO review articles per year in the JCG. Additionally, WGO is represented in the JCG editorial board.