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Education & Training

Meeting Today’s Needs & Looking Forward: A global education network

Education and Training represents a core primary program for the World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO). Since 1998, the WGO has transformed itself from focusing solely on the developed world to providing training and education to the developing world. The WGO is creating a global education network to maximize resources and training efficiency including:

  • Implementation and refinement of basic and regionally-adapted criteria;
  • Creation of Training Centers throughout low-resource areas for primary and advanced GI training;
  • Increased application of WGO Global Guidelines and Train the Trainer program; and
  • Assessing, tracking & analyzing outcomes with careful follow-up with trainees.

Projected Outcomes

The projected long-term outcomes of this approach are two-fold: 1) increased access to high-quality patient care for digestive disorders in low resource nations through the provision of skilled health care professionals and equipment; and 2) a reduction in the emigration of health care professionals from developing countries, thereby increasing retention of qualified, locally trained and skilled doctors and other health care professionals in their home countries both to practice medicine and teach others.

The WGO has established several major programs and initiatives to develop and sustain the WGO's global training and education efforts. These programs and initiatives focus primarily on developing, low-resource countries and aim to meet the increasing demand for digestive disorder prevention and treatment worldwide. Through its education and training activities, WGO's primary objectives include:


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