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The leadership of the World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO) consists of the following bodies, each contributing to the activities of the organization:

World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO) Overview of Committees and Interest Groups

The WGO officers and committees will serve from 2021-2023. The 2024-2025 term of service will begin each calendar year.

The administration of the activities of the WGO is supported by the Executive Secretariat.

The WGO Board of Reference is an ad-hoc group formed to provide advice and support to the WGO President. This group is composed of past presidents, senior members of the profession with a history of service to WGO, and others who are elected by the Executive Committee, who can offer innovative advice, dynamic perspectives, and whose council will enhance the work of WGO.

The Board of Reference consists of the following members:

  • Guilherme Macedo, WGO President (Portugal)
  • Naima Lahbabi-Amrani (Morocco)
  • David Bjorkman (USA)
  • Henry Cohen, MWGO (Uruguay)
  • Michael Fried, MWGO (Switzerland)
  • Khean-Lee Goh, MWGO (Malaysia)
  • Richard Kozarek, MWGO (USA)
  • Eamonn Quigley, MWGO (USA)
  • Roque Saenz (Chile)
  • Ziad Sharaiha, MWGO (Jordan)
  • James Toouli, MWGO (Australia)
  • Guido Tytgat, MWGO (The Netherlands)
  • Cihan Yurdaydin (Turkey)

WGO Annual Report 2019

To view WGO's 2019 Annual Report, click here!

WGO Statutes & By-Laws 2021

World Gastroenterology Organisation Statutes By-Laws 2017WGO abides by a set of Statutes and By-laws that are regularly reviewed and amended as needed. In accordance with the Statutes and By-laws, the Governing Council may change the By-laws prior to a meeting of the General Assembly. Such action must be reported to, and be approved by, the General Assembly for the altered By-laws to have legal status. During the period between the change of the By-laws by the Governing Council and the approval of the General Assembly, the amendments are valid. The General Assembly meets at the time of the World Congress which is held every two years and at other times at the command of the WGO President. In 2021, the General Assembly met during GASTRO 2021 in Prague, which was held 9-11 December.

These Statutes were approved by a two-thirds majority at the General Assembly Meeting of WGO in Munich in May 1962 and modified during meetings of the General Assembly in 1970 (Copenhagen), 1974 (Mexico City), 1978 (Madrid), 1982 (Stockholm), 1990 (Sydney), 1998 (Vienna), 2002 (Bangkok), 2005 (Montreal), 2009 (London), 2013 (Shanghai), 2014 (Chicago), 2015 (Brisbane), and 2017 (Orlando). The 2021 Statutes and By-laws were ratified at the GASTRO 2021 December meeting in Prague.


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