World Gastroenterology Organisation

Global Guardian of Digestive Health. Serving the World.


Mission, Vision, and Objectives

Mission of the WGO

To promote, to the general public and healthcare professional alike, an awareness of the worldwide prevalence and optimal care of gastrointestinal and liver disorders, and to improve care of these disorders, through the provision of high quality, accessible education, training and advocacy.

WGO Vision

Global Guardian of Digestive Health, Serving the World

Gastrointestinal and liver disorders are very important healthcare issues globally, a significant burden to national healthcare budgets and the single greatest cause of cancer death. While an increasing awareness of causative factors, coupled with dramatic advances in diagnostic and therapeutic approaches have led to improvements in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of  gastrointestinal and liver disorders, these benefits have not been transmitted equally across the world and, especially, to those in greatest need.

As the global representative for gastroenterology and hepatology, the role of WGO is to:

  • Increase global public awareness of gastrointestinal and liver disorders
  • Provide high quality educational opportunities to medical, nursing and other healthcare professionals in gastrointestinal and liver disorders throughout the world, regardless of location
  • Promote international collaboration in digestive health education, training and research
  • Support healthcare professionals throughout the world who care for those with gastrointestinal and liver disorders

WGO Objectives

  • To promote public awareness of gastrointestinal and liver disorders worldwide
  • To provide the highest standards in education and training in gastroenterology and hepatology throughout the world and objectively assess the outcomes thereof
  • To create an educational network readily accessible and relevant to gastroenterologists and hepatologists in low and middle income settings to support their local professional development
  • To stimulate international collaborations that foster improved digestive health education, research and training, especially in the developing world
  • To promote multidisciplinary approaches to primary prevention, screening, early detection and optimal care of digestive cancers
  • To develop and disseminate global guidelines on important global issues in the clinical practice of gastroenterology and hepatology
  • To promote an ethical approach to all aspects of the practice of gastroenterology and hepatology
  • To promote the formation of gastroenterology and hepatology organizations and encourage them to be members of WGO
  • To support and collaborate closely with all organizations interested in gastrointestinal and liver disorders, including nursing, other healthcare workers and patient advocacy groups
  • To solicit financial support for the purpose of undertaking WGO’s global and emerging society programs and activities
  • To regularly communicate WGO’s strategic plan, activities and outcomes to its constituents


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