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The Global Burden of Viral Hepatitis Webinar Series

The Global Burden of Viral Hepatitis - Breakthroughs in Hepatitis B

Speakers & Topics:
Prof. Rui Tato Marinho (Portugal) – Push for Universal Screening and Vaccination Updates
Prof. Ebada Said (Egypt) – Indications for Treatment and Potential Areas for Expansion
Prof. Suna Yapali (Turkey) – Stopping Rules and Risk for Relapse

The Global Burden of Viral Hepatitis – A Closer Look at Hepatitis C

Speakers & Topics:
Prof. Mohamed El-Kassas (Egypt) – Screening Guideline Changes
Prof. Rui Gaspar (Portugal) – Simplified Therapy
Prof. Mustapha Benazzouz (Morocco) – Opportunities for Microelimination

The Global Burden of Viral Hepatitis – Developments with Hepatitis D

Speakers & Topics:
Prof. Cecilia Cabrera (Peru) – Epidemiology and Risk Factors
Prof. Alice Lee (Australia) – Screening and Diagnosis Algorithm
Prof. Nancy Reau (USA) – Current Therapy and Data on New Therapy Close to Market


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