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Colorectal Cancer Screening


Colorectal Cancer (CRC) is a worldwide problem, with an annual incidence of approximately 1 million cases and an annual mortality of more than 500,000. The absolute number of cases will increase over the next two decades as a result of the aging and expansion of populations in both the developed and developing countries.

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Review Team

  •     Sidney Winawer (Chair, USA)
  •     Meinhard Classen (Co-chair, Germany)
  •     Rene Lambert (Co-chair, France)
  •     Michael Fried (Switzerland)
  •     Petr Dite (Czech Republic)
  •     K.L. Goh (Malaysia)
  •     Francisco Guarner (Spain)
  •     David Lieberman (USA)
  •     Rami Eliakim (Israel)
  •     Bernard Levin (USA)
  •     Roque Saenz (Chile)
  •     Aamir Ghafoor Khan (Pakistan)
  •     Igor Khalif (Russia)
  •     Angel Lanas (Spain)
  •     Greger Lindberg (Sweden)
  •     Michael J. O’Brien (USA)
  •     Graeme Young (Australia)
  •     Justus H. Krabshuis (France)

International Consultants

  •     Robert A. Smith (USA)
  •     Wolff Schmiegel (Germany)
  •     Douglas K. Rex (USA)
  •     Naima Amrani (Morocco)
  •     Ann Zauber (USA)

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