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Helicobacter Pylori


Helicobacter pylori continues to be a major health problem worldwide, causing considerable morbidity and mortality due to peptic ulcer disease and gastric cancer.

The burden of disease falls disproportionately on less well-resourced populations. As with most infectious diseases, the greatest impact on reducing this burden comes from improvements in socioeconomic status, which interrupt transmission. This has been observed in many regions of the world, but the prevalence of infection remains high in many regions in which improvements in living standards are slow to occur.


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Review Team

  • Peter Katelaris (Co-Chair, Australia)
  • Richard Hunt (Co-Chair, United Kingdom)
  • Franco Bazzoli (Italy)
  • Henry Cohen (Uruguay)
  • Kwong Ming Fock (Singapore)
  • Manik Gemilyan (Armenia)
  • Peter Malfertheiner (Germany)
  • Francis Mégraud (France)
  • Alejandro Piscoya (Peru)
  • Duc Quach (Vietnam)
  • Nimish Vakil (USA)
  • Louis G. Vaz Coelho (Brazil)
  • Anton LeMair (Netherlands)

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