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Roughly 1.5 billion people live with obesity worldwide. This disease can exert appreciable adverse effects on virtually all aspects of a person’s life – physical, psychological, and socioeconomic. Empirically linked to several-year reductions in both quality-adjusted-life-years and lifespan, it confers increased risks for a host of life-altering and potentially life-threatening comorbidities including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and at least 13 forms of cancer. Yet only a small minority of patients seeks formal treatment and few achieve meaningful, sustained weight loss or the amelioration of obesity-associated comorbidity. One major reason for this is woefully-inadequate knowledge among the public and amongst primary healthcare providers regarding various treatment options that have been proven effective.

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  • Lilian Kow (Australia)
  • Guilherme Macedo (Portugal)
  • Reem Z Shahaira (USA)
  • Scott Shikora (USA)
  • James Toouli (Australia)
  • Kevin P White (Canada)

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