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Brohée Medal and Lecture

A Brohée Lecture is delivered during each World Congress of Gastroenterology to commemorate Georges Brohée, the founder of the first International Association of Gastroenterology. The Brohée Lecturer is chosen by the World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO) Governing Council from either the host country or the respective region. A medal is presented to the nominated lecturer during the World Congress by the Belgian Society of Gastroenterology.

Georges Brohee

WGO originated largely due to the initiative of Dr. Georges Brohée (1887-1957), a Belgian Surgeon and Radiologist who promoted modern gastroenterology, in particular by founding the Belgian Society of Gastroenterology in 1928 and by organizing the first International Congress of Gastroenterology in Brussels in 1935. His continuing efforts culminated in the constitution of the “Organisation Mondiale de Gastro-entérologie” (OMGE) on 29 May 1958 in Washington, DC, USA where the first World Congress of Gastroenterology was held.

The organization was officially renamed the World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO) in May 2007.

Brohée Medal Recipients

2022: Maryam Al Khatry (United Arab Emirates)
Lecture: State of the art update on endoscopic bariatric and metabolic therapies

2019: Michael Fried (Switzerland)
Lecture: Evidence Based Medicine: How Good is the Evidence?

2017: Eamonn M. M. Quigley (USA)
Lecture: News From a Dark Continent – An Assessment of the Diagnostic and Therapeutic Implications of the Gut Microbiome

2013: Geoffrey Farrell (Australia)
Lecture: New views on pathogenesis of NASH and how it should inform management

2009: Kenneth McColl (UK)
Lecture: Acid secretion in the developed world: Now too much of a good thing?

2005: Michael Sivak (USA)
Lecture: Endoscopy - Past and Future

2002: B. Hirchowitz (USA)
Lecture: The history and impact of flexible endoscopy

1994: Joseph Kirsner (USA)

1990: Aldo Torsoli (Italy)

1986: Frank Brooks (USA)

1982: V.Mutt (Sweden)

1978: H.G. Mogena (Spain)

1974: Henry L. Bockus (USA)

1970: B.Uvnas (Sweden)

1966: Antoine Bremer (Brussels)
Lecture: Physlopathological aspects of gastric acid secretion


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