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Young GIs

The future of the specialty of Gastroenterology is a key point for WGO. We want to encourage and support the next generation of GI specialists in their professional careers and we look forward for those individuals, who have the passion and ability to contribute to the ongoing work of WGO, to become its future leaders.

The primary aims of the Young GIs is to bring together a committee of young Gastroenterologists, Hepatologists and Endoscopists from different fields of expertise, who will work together with WGO to identify and manage the key issues affecting the specialty. The focus of the committee will be on advancing international collaboration amongst young Gastroenterologists, Hepatologists and Endoscopists in education, research and training.


Aasma Shaukat
(United States)

Vice Chair

Kavel Visrodia
(United States)


Meriem Bakkar, Morocco
Hany Dabbous, Egypt
Ashraf Albreedy, Egypt
Miguel Villa-Gomez, Bolivia
Jose DeLeon, Guatemala
Juan Pablo Gutierrez Aguiar, Uruguay
Reem Sharaiha, USA
Marianela Bedini, Argentina
Gursimran Kochhar, USA
Wai Kay Seto, Hong Kong
Tanaporn Chantarojanasiri, Thailand
Vikash Sharma, Fiji
Quang Trung Tran, Vietnam
Jonathan O’Donnell, Australia
Georgiana Gîlcă-Blanariu, Romania
Eduardo Pinto, Portugal
Toufik Bouchelghoum, Algeria
Sahil Khanna, USA
Zikai Wang, China
Guillermo Ricard Cevallos Cedeño, Ecuador
Ken Liu, Australia
Vishal Sharma, India
Emilija Nikolovska Trpcevska, Macedonia
Bruno Li, Peru
Talal Khurshid, Pakistan
Ahad Eshraghian, Iran
Abu-Freha Naim, Israel

Staff Liaison

Jim Melberg, WGO Program Manager


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