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WGO Brasilia Training Center

Director: Professor Liliana Sampaio Costa Mendes and Co-Director Dr. Flavio Hayato Ejima


The Training Center in Brasilia was inaugurated as a World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO) Training Center on 15 July 2023. Rede D ́or São Luiz complex in Brasilia, in the Federal District, consists of 4 private hospitals that are composed of the Hospital DF Star (112 beds), Hospital Santa Helena (210 beds), Hospital Santa Luzia (202 beds), and Hospital do Coração (60 beds).


To provide high-level medical assistance to the population, teach students, and young doctors. The Gastroenterology Division at Rede D’or São Luiz Brasília Complex is dedicated to adult patients, formed by Gastroenterologists and Hepatologists. The Endoscopy Unit, Radiology Division, Intensive Care Unit, and Pathology Division specialized teams often work together with the GastrointestinaI Division team.


The complex of hospitals Rede D’or São Luiz in Brasília has a great number of consultations, specialized procedures and in-hospital admittances. The Radiology Division is responsible for liver biopsies, diagnostic procedures and interventional radiological procedures, as TIPS and hepatocellular carcinoma intravenous and percutaneous treatment. Patients with liver diseases and gastrointestinal diseases are often in need to be followed at Emergency Room and Intensive Care Unit. There are many procedures in emergencies of endoscopy in digestive and biliary diseases.

Area of Training:

The complex of four hospitals houses hospitalization for diseases of the Gastrointestinal system also involving Liver/biliary diseases, there are three blocks of specialized outpatient consultations for Hepatology, Intestine, Pancreas, Proctology and Nutrition. There are multidisciplinary consultation of hepatobiliary-pancreatic diseases, esophageal, and gastric diseases.

Hepatology is practiced in outpatient and hospitalized patients in the hospital complex, which allows several challenges for interns in their scholarship. In addition, to sequential training in Viral Hepatitis, Autoimmune, and Metabolic Hepatic Diseases, with lines of care in cirrhosis, hepatic nodule, and hepatic steatosis. Percutaneous and transjugular liver biopsies are performed by the radiointervention and hemodynamic team.

As special courses scheduled in Hepatology, the Training Center holds the Liver Club Hepatology annually, a two-day Clinical Hepatology Preceptorship with highly complex cases involving hemodynamics and radiointervention.

WGO Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Training Center at Rede D’or Hospital Complex will offer Brazilian and international medical doctors several courses of different lengths each (from 16 to 480 hours). Modules can be continuous or not and for short courses are limited to 20 students. The official language is Brazilian Portuguese and the class material will be available in English, if necessary. Students will choose which course is better for them, in according to duration, theme and minimal number of participants.

Areas of Training:

The initial planning including the following courses:

Hepatology courses:

Viral Hepatitis, Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Liver Transplantation, Liver Cirrhosis Emergencies, Liver Nodules Care Lines, Liver Steatosis Care Lines and Liver Cirrhosis Care Lines, Transjugular Liver Biopsy, Viral Hepatitis, Autoimmune Liver

General Gastroenterology courses:

Conducts in upper and lower digestive hemorrhage, Conducts in biliary tract obstruction, Diagnosis and Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, FAPEGE courses in pancreas, bowel diseases, esophagus and stomach, Capsule and balloon enteroscopy.


Center Director:  Prof. Liliana Sampaio Costa Mendes, MD PhD. and Dr. Flavio Hayato Ejima

Hepatologista  da rede D'or DF,
Telephone: +55 (61) 984013142
Email: and


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Photos of the Inauguration and Brasilia Training Center video  

Further Information:

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Hospital do Coração                                                    Hospital Santa Luzia

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