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WGO Karachi Training Center

Director: Dr. Wasim Jafri


The WGO-AKU Training Center provides residential training courses to trainees from Pakistan and Central Asia (and other areas of the world) in the theory and practice of gastroenterology; these courses are designed to supplement and enhance training provided in the home country and do not attempt to provide a complete training in gastroenterology. The courses are based on a defined curriculum developed jointly by the World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO) through its committee on Education and Training and experts from Aga Khan University (AKU) and Pakistan to reflect the health care needs of this area and based on a caring and ethical approach to patient care. Didactic components review both basic science relevant to gastroenterology, as well as the latest concepts of gastrointestinal disease, in both formal lectures and small group interactive seminars. Practical instruction in endoscopy and other clinically-important procedures is provided through interactive video- and electronically-based programs, as well as live patient demonstrations.

Main Objectives / Goals

  • To promote the highest standards in gastroenterology and endoscopy training in the region.
  • To foster interactions between international and regional experts in the field of gastroenterology.
  • To expose young gastroenterologists-in-training to the most current knowledge in gastroenterology.
  • To promulgate best practice guidelines in gastroenterology and endoscopy.
  • To develop a curriculum for training in gastroenterology based on current science, ethical principles and relevant to local and regional health care needs.


The center is equipped with the latest endoscopic facilities along with esophageal manometery and Ph recording.

Areas of Training:

  • Upper and Lower GI endoscopies, diagnostic, and therapeutics
  • Endoscope Disinfection
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Functional bowel problems
  • Acid peptic disorders
  • Endoscopy nurses training
  • Endoscopy technicians


Center Director: Dr. Wasim Jafri
Department of Medicine
Faculty of Health Sciences
Stadium Road
74800 Karachi

Further Information:

For more comprehensive information on the Karachi Training Center, including the trainee application process, course offerings, and other details, please refer to the downloadable pdf:
> Karachi Training Center Information Packet (Downloadable PDF)


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WGO Karachi Training Center

Training Center Director, Professor Wasim Jafri.

WGO Karachi Training Center

Chronic Liver Disease Workshop Participants, 2005.

WGO Karachi Training Center

Participants at the 2010 Workshop.

WGO Karachi Training Center

Acid Peptic Diseases and Functional Gut Disorders Workshop.

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